‘Time Stitches’,
Asefeh Tayebani

Time Stitches
Asefeh Tayebani, Time Stitches, 2023

25-28 January ‘24
Thursday 25 Jan 17–20
Sunday 28 Jan 15–19
26 & 27 Jan the space is open 13-16


Asefeh Tayebani looks forward to invite you to a 4 days in-process solo show at Bureau Postjesweg, co-curated by Anne Lakeman.
‘The collectively knitted curtain will be on show in its state at this moment in time. Over the coming two years, I, and anybody who wants to join, will be adding knitted pieces. In 2023, during the process-show Strands of Resilience, I presented my research leading up to this work: pieces in which textile techniques intertwine with metalwork, revealing the transformative power of collective healing.
Over the course of four days, in January ‘24 the installation grows by the new pieces created by the participants and by my own time. Small pieces in the space of minutes and hours will be added.
Bureau Postjesweg serves as a dynamic space where you are invited to join one of my workshops, where I will guide you on how to knit. You can come and pick up a package if you want to contribute. Of course, you are also welcome to join if you already received a package. Please just take it to the space and knit with us.
At the start and the end of the exhibition, I will host two events.’

About the artist: Asefeh is a maker with a soft spot for laborious and repetitive working processes. In her current project ‘Time Stitches’, she patiently explores the use of textile techniques to craft metal works, examining how metals and textiles can share and exchange their unique characteristics and properties. Within this project, she intertwines patchwork techniques from textiles onto metal, unveiling the transformative power of collective healing.